Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project Pink Room

Our baby room is finally ready! Well, not ready to be sleep in but I think we are not going to do anything major to this room from now until the baby is going to use a child bed instead of a cot.

So before transformation, the room was basically a guest room which were used by our parents and relatives when they come and visit us. We decided to keep the queen size bed from now since the baby is sleeping with us in the master room.

It used to look like this.... boring huh.....

So we (actually my hubby) spent one night taping the walls, skirting, and door frames. And then he spent one whole day to paint 2 layers of nice pink paints on 2 sides of the walls :)

After 1 layer of pink paint...

I started to like this room more at this point... so pink.... :p

And then we decided that we should get more storage space to store the baby's stuff, so we bought IKEA Expedit bookcase 2x4 size. I like it because you can choose the type and colors of the drawers. But obviously, we are not very creative because we just use the same plastic ones in 2 different colors.

And add a little bit of stickers....


Well, not really, if you notice on the picture above, there's an empty canvass on the bed head. I'm actually planning to paint the baby's name on a canvass as decoration for the room. Shall blog about it next time when I'm done with the painting :)


  1. your baby room looks like a adult female room which just happen to have stickers on the wall ... not really like "baby" room coz there's no baby stuff! (can't really tell that the drawers are for baby.)

    better hurry up and paint the name, you won't have time once baby is born!

  2. hahahh yeah coz the baby is going to sleep in our room, so for now use ur imagination! :D

  3. waw !! hahaha, kamarku skalian donk :D
    bener tuh kata temen cc, gag kaya kamar baby. hehehe. uda kaya kamar remaja gtu. hihi.

  4. hehehe soalnya ranjang bayinya adanya di kamar satu lagi yah? abisnya kasian kalo baru lahir lgs dipisah tidurnya :D