Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gift from Auntie Siyong

Today mommy received a gift for me from her good friend who is living in New Zealand. She said even though auntie Siyong lives far away, she remains close with us :)

The gift came in a box with a cute baby picture outside, but of course not as cute as me.. hehehe.. I learned to be extra-confident from my mom :D

And she packed all my new gifts nicely in this box, there's even a cute card for mommy. I can't tell you what is written in the card because I can't read yet, mommy helped me to type this. We have telepathy skill :D

And here are my new stuff... next time you'll see me strutting my stuff in this cool gears :)

Dear auntie Siyong,

Thank You, auntie Siyong! I ♥ the presents and can't wait to meet little baby boy or girl that is growing in your tummy too :)

Hugs with wet kisses,
baby Michelle :)

(since you're so curious what name mommy has given me... hee hee.. don't tell her I told you already!)


  1. wow I didn't think it would get there so fast ...

    you're welcome Baby Michelle, I thought daddy didn't like your name, but mummy must have talked him around! hahaha ...

  2. heheheh he got to choose family name and chinese name :D