Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Minute Shopping for Baby

I dunno what I was thinking yesterday but once the doctor said that most probably we have to induce labor next week, the first thing that came to my mind is we have to GO OUT first! And the doctor also said "Enjoy your last weekend" so I thought we should really maximize our last weekend since hubby and I were on leave also yesterday.

We went to Vivo City to catch a movie "Couples Retreat". I like the movie and it really helped me to relax a little bit yesterday, took my mind off the high blood pressure saga. My mom wasn't very happy when I ended our conversation with "Gotta go, going to catch a movie now." She was telling me to go home, hang my feet up, rest, and don't go anywhere.

What I didn't tell her is that we spent even longer time in Vivo City buying more stuff for the baby. I thought that it will help me get rid of my anxiety. The more things you prepare for the baby, the less things you should worry about.

We ended up spending $100+ on toys plus another $100+ on books! I was really really tired at the end and asked my hubby to send me home before dinner time. But we did get to enjoy nice lunch at Brokerweitz (or some German resto, can't remember the spelling) and also a nice dessert at Hagen Dasz. Well, they only said I should reduce salt intake, they never say I can't eat sugar.... so, it seems like the only things I can eat now are cakes and fruits....

I should probably go to rest now so that I have more energy to go for my pedicure on Sunday... that's the treat a pregnant woman can get because she can't really reach her toes :D


  1. I'm back!!! Lucky you haven't deliver yet :P

    Wah, you really know how to enjoy hor :D But it's okay lah, now is different from old days where pregnant woman stay home and rest. As long as you feel okay, it's perfectly okay to go out and have some fun :D

  2. yeah man, not sure if next time will still have time to do this kind of thing or not!