Friday, December 4, 2009

Fast Forward Baby Arrival

We had another check-up yesterday and my blood pressure has gone up really high. It was 136/89 or 139/89 (can't remember) - previously it was always at about 120/80 and when I started my pregnancy it was only 112/78 or some even lower number. My doctor now wants to monitor me even more closely as it carries a high risk and might cut off oxygen supply to the baby.

Next check-up is on Monday and if blood pressure go up again, might have to induce labor immediately... so scared... My mom already changed her ticket to come tomorrow and we've got everything ready already, but I'm so worried and I'm scared of death....

I guess I should rest and not think too much, in case it really make my blood pressure goes even higher.... sigh, it's like a vicious cycle!

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