Monday, December 14, 2009

Michelle Kaylie Chien Yaxuan

Our baby girl, Michelle Kaylie Chien Yaxuan, is finally here.

She was delivered via emergency c-section after bullying mommy in labor for 12 hours. (actually mommy got a little *A LOT* help from the nice doctor who gave her epidural)


  1. Hello Michelle, this is jie jie jessie. Just remember i'm JJJ :P

  2. I think AUNTY Jessie is more like it ... *evil laughter*

    mommy still got time to photoshop ah!!!

  3. yeah man.. AUNTIE JESSIE!! how can michelle calls someone older than her mom "jiejie"... aiyoh...

    siyong, the photoshop part is already done way before, onli need to put the photos there :p