Saturday, November 28, 2009

36 weeks and 6 days plus other random updates

We went for another check-up yesterday, and the doctor told us the the test result for Group B Strep bacteria came back negative, so it's really good! If we are tested positive, means I'll be given antibiotics via IV during delivery... euww... I planned to use epidural means there will be something attached to my back already. If I also have to get that IV, means there will be something attached to my arm! Then I think usually they will put the baby monitoring device around the mother's belly as well, means there will be something around my belly! Can you imagine all those things strapped into one person... I will look like some kind of experiment object!

Progress wise: Baby and mommy don't grow much this week, baby still weighs about 2.7kg and mommy weighs *secret* kgs. I was quite worried that she'll cross 3kg this time round! She's still as active as ever even though space are kinda limited now, so that's also a good sign. Overall, baby is very healthy :)

The scan picture from this week is not clear, so I can't be bothered to upload it here. When the doctor passed it to me, I couldn't figure out which part of the baby that is :p

The doctor said that half of her head is already descending towards the pelvic bone, so it could be about 1-2 weeks before she's born. She told me to prepare myself mentally as life with baby will never be the same again, as time will not be mine anymore. She suggested we go out and relax, catch a movie or something. She's so nice huh.. she cares about her patients, not just health wise but overall well-being... *so touched* and the nurse suggested we watch "Hua Mulan" :D

Anyway, we planned to go to Combi shop after doctor appointment. They are like the importer and distributor of Combi stuff in Singapore, and my friend said they have a lot of Combi stuff in that shop. If you are interested, this is the shop: Tai Sing Corp. It's actually near Malay Heritage center... here's the map on how to go there..

Since we bought most of our baby stuff already, we only bought their Combi toys, which my hubby complained "too expensive!!" but the toys are so cute I even want them for myself!

Check out the toys here, but the website is in Japanese.

Next, my hubby said there's a shop that is selling designer baby furniture, called "The Shophouse" near Alexandra Road, so we went there to check it out, but they don't have any baby furnitures, except for a few sets of baby beddings that don't even come with bumpers! Duh... but if you are interested in normal furnitures, they have quite a good selection there. Here's how to go there...

And then since we are at Alexandra, we decided to go to Ikea Alexandra(check out the contrast: from designer baby furniture to Ikea.. HAAHHA). They recently renovated that place and they have a lot of new showrooms, somehow with the same Ikea stuff, they can make the showrooms look so nice. We didn't buy much stuff from there, only 2 drawer inserts as they were out of stock when we last went to Ikea, and a new arrival item: baby changing station! :)

Here's my hubby assembling the changing station for our baby... :)

Final product....

Eventful Saturday....

Next is my friend's baby 1-month old celebration. This is actually her 2nd baby and her baby is also a girl. Her first one is a boy, sounds like she already has a complete family :)

I also got to meet my other friends there and we talked quite a bit and since there are 2 pregnant women there and 1 woman who recently gave birth, we talked a lot of pregnancy and childbirth stuff. Actually it's more like the preggies asking the experience one on tips and tricks on how to give birth. I think it's really overwhelming.. being given a task to bring life to another person... what if we can't do it!! But according to most women who gave birth before, it will all come naturally... maybe that's really a mystery of how God works and how He created us human.. :)

After the baby's 1-month old celebration, we are going to do what the doctor told us to do. Go and relax and watch a movie. Hubby suggested that we go to Great World City as it's less crowded there and would be easier to get a movie ticket from there, but apparently Hua Mulan wasn't playing in that cinema, so we watched The Informant instead. The movie was rather long-winded and boring, but I think the angmohs actually enjoy it, I guess people from different countries enjoy different kind of jokes.

We also shopped *yay!* a lot yesterday, bought lots of Bodyshop stuff and Aussino stuff. Well, the Aussino stuff are for the baby actually. They were having kids and bath fair and the baby bedding set was selling for only 35 bucks, consists of bumpers, fitted sheet sets, pillow case, and bolster case... so cheap!!

All in all, I think we have everything ready for baby's arrival. It's easier to prepare the physical stuff, rather than preparing mentally! At least we've got baby's cot ready....

Storage space for baby's clothes in our room (because I have too much clothes that I can't even wear now!)

So now the only thing left to do is enjoy life without baby and prepare mentally... how?