Friday, November 20, 2009

Pregnancy Scare

Now I kinda get my baby's kicking schedule. She usually kicks during breakfast time and on the way to work, and then take a nap until just before lunch time, and start to be active again for a while, and then sleep for a few hours and start kicking at about 2 or 3 PM (real hard kicks) and sleep until going home time (about 5 PM) and continue to be more active at night until I go to bed.

But today she seems a bit off. She didn't kick at all during breakfast and on the way to work. I was a bit alarmed by that, but my hubby said to monitor it first for a few hours until lunch time. So I was closely taking fetal kick counts, but until about 2 PM there were only a few weak kicks, very different from her usual strong and active movements.

The whole baby got strangled by umbilical cord stories suddenly just crept into my brain and I was so scared and nervous, so I called my husband and tell him that we should go to the hospital and check the baby's heart beat. And I was sooooo pissed off because my husband said he could send me but only after 1.5 hours because he was at an outside workplace and he was the only one driving, so his colleague won't have a ride home. WTF?!?! Which one is more important??

So I decided to take cab and I just notified my teammate that I have to go to hospital there and then! And then I made a mad rush to the taxi stand. On the way to hospital, the baby didn't kick at all.. and I was soooo nervous... and crying.... and praying.... and texting my mom.... *imagine drama queen movie*

Once I reached the hospital and finally found the correct place to go, they just put me on the fetal monitoring machine. I feel so relieved when I heard the baby's heartbeat. They want me to be under observation for at least 1 hour so that they can monitor the awake and sleeping period of the baby. It was also great that coincidentally, my gynae was there as well because she was delivering another baby. But it was quite embarrassing when she asked me "Why did you cry?" duh...

All is well now.. but then I recalled yesterday she was kicking hard the whole day, and I got a bit tired of it, and I actually kinda "scold" her and tell her not to kick me already.... I didn't know that she was going to be so obedient... I really should be careful about what I say next time...

For now, I'm enjoying the kicks again... :)


  1. No wonder you are not around that day... Dun worry too much :) Sometimes baby get tired also, I guess she must have kicked too much the day before and decided to take a rest :D Just imagine it.. you'll get to see her in another couple of weeks or days :P

  2. Yeah I guessed she was having off-day too, but she made me really scared that day. My doctor was good though, I feel so relieved the moment I saw her.. maybe psychological :)

    Enjoy your honeymoon, hopefully baby will wait for you to come back before she comes out lah :)

  3. I think guys never understand how frightening it is when you think something MIGHT be wrong but you just can't be sure, then they think women just have pregnancy hormones and overreact ...

  4. But in their own words, they are more "logical and calm" - can faint or not...

    Anyway the nurse in the hospital said if baby moves 10 times a day then can already. I wonder if baby moves 10 times in the morning then don't move the whole day after that - it doesn't make sense!!

    What my gynae said is more logical - at least 1 movement every hour then ok... take note ah, you'll need to monitor next time too :p

  5. For our first born (13 years ago), baby stopped moving for a few hours. At 11:15pm my wife wants to go to the Hospital to check on the baby. At the A&E, we monitored the baby's heart beat and all was well. We left at 12:30am and at 3:40am my wife's water bag burst and another trip to the hospital for the birth at 5:58am

  6. That was a really quick delivery... about 2 hours!

  7. waduhh, ponakan ku. hahahaha.
    makanya jangan diomelin donk, ngambek dia tuh c. hahahaha.