Friday, November 13, 2009

34 weeks and 4 days as of yesterday

Yesterday we had another ultrasound check when baby was 34 weeks and 4 days old. It was just 2 weeks from previous check-up and overall I gained 1 kg! The doctor thought the baby would gain about 100-200 grams these 2 weeks and she said it's ok for me to gain 1 kg every 2 weeks now.

However, during the scan we found out that the baby actually grew faster than we expected, she actually gained about 400 grams! Am I carrying a fat baby girl? Hahaha.. seems like she inherited daddy's gene! :p

Don't ask me which part of the baby that is... I have no idea either... she's all folded and the photos are becoming more and more blur!

Progress update: Her head circumference is about 30cm and her feet is about 7cm long, weighing at about 2.1 kg now! When the doctor said 30 cm circumference, I actually imagined 30cm diameter and I was quite dazed how can that size head come out next time... and I didn't realize that what she meant is actually really circumference until I left the clinic! What a relief though...

Next check-up will be in 1.5 weeks... the frequency and interval is getting more and more often... this is really happening!!

PS: Hubby told me the picture is of the baby's feet, heel on the left and toes on the right.


  1. Maybe the bone is heavy? High bone density?

  2. Yeah could be also, since both hubby and me have big bones! :D