Thursday, November 26, 2009

35 weeks and 6 days

We went for another check-up last Saturday (I know it's kinda late especially since the next check-up is coming in 2 days time!) and because of the previous day's scare, my doctor put me on CTG first to monitor the baby's movement and heart rate.

She was really perky on our way to the doctor but she became quiet when we reached the doctor's office. I think they call it "awake and sleep" cycle. So I had to be put on CTG for quite sometime because she was sleeping in the beginning.

Once the doctor is happy about the CTG result, we did GBS test. It's a routine but optional test done at the last trimester of pregnancy (week 35-37). It was supposed to be painless, but mine was painful I nearly cried!

Next is the fun part... ultrasound! We can see that she has grown so big, she's about 2.7 kg already and I was born lighter than that! I think I was born without hair as well, but my girl already has a lot of hair. This week's scan is showing only her hair. It's already 2.2 cm long, time to head to the barber huh... :)

The part on the right that looks like fur is actually her hair :p

My doctor predicted that she will be about 3.5 kg when she's born. And she advised me to use epidural since I'm so scared of the pain and she thinks it will make my hubby's life easier.. HA HA HA.. but I'm also scared of the epidural needle! If you want to know how epidural is administered, you can watch it in YouTube. Be warned that it's not for the faint hearted!

In the food department, she just got upgraded from honeydew to watermelon!

In the clothes department, baby has a few Google gears already..

The first one is from my teammates in the US office, they actually sent it by post! :)

Next is from Singapore office HR team.. sooo nice, it even comes with a hat, bib, and a burp cloth :)

The last one is courtesy of mommy when she went for biz trip a few months ago :)


  1. eh the one from US has the Hungry Caterpillar!!! I so love that book!!!

  2. Hahaha I don't even know that it's a hungry caterpillar, let alone a book! I wonder what kind of story books I will read to my baby next time... I don't know anything about nursery rhymes and bedtime stories.... :(

  3. So cute!!! I love the red color one! :)

    3.5KGS sounds like a BIG BABY!!! Hmmm...I think she will need bigger size clothings :D

  4. sounds big to me too... but seems like it's quite normal, the doctor didn't say anything. only said "healthy size" :D