Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our little fashionista

Yesterday I washed all baby's newborn - 3 months old going out clothes already *kiasu mode on* and I was drying the clothes in the living room. Sounds strange? This is because in Singapore the houses are so small, people usually hang their clothes using pole outside of their house or inside the kitchen. My hubby was preparing dinner so I didn't want to dry the clothes in the kitchen - they will all smell like garlic or fish!

Anyway, when my husband saw the clothes...

The only comment he gave "OMG... so young already so much clothes! How am I going to live with 2 girls next time?" HUAHAHAHAHA... this is just the starting! :D


  1. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... Perhaps it's time to expand the wardrobe now? What about something like this..

  2. siyong, those are just the ones that i bought... i din take photos of the ones that my mom bought.. hahahahah.. she bought from indo wholesale place, can only buy half dozen or one dozen kind... A LOT of clothes!! i think cannot finish wearing!

    jess, that wardrobe looks more suitable for me than baby :D

  3. yeah i never hang outside my window also coz i think it's quite gross if somebody else's laundry drips on mine! :p

    and no dryer.. no space to put! :D

  4. u must tell him, don't u know how many clothes newborn baby needs PER DAY?!?!?!

    how come u dun use drier?
    i never ever hang any clothes outside the window in my 9.5 years in SG haha
    now use drier so much easier and faster. just choose 'low heat' if u're worried it'll shrink
    so far nothing of ours shrink