Thursday, October 1, 2009

Junior's 28th week update

Actually Junior is 28.5 week, so only 11.5 weeks left to delivery... so many things left to do, so little time left!

We haven't bought a crib and the shower set for the baby.... and probably a lot of other things that I haven't checked! And we don't have a name for the baby yet! I kept on coming up with different names everyday and we can't decide! Lucky we don't have to choose last name as well!

Anyway, the baby is growing healthily even though the mother is gaining too much (5 kg this week!), the doctor said probably it's because the baby exercises inside whereas the mother never exercise! Somehow I'm glad the baby is not too big coz I'm worried it will be hard to deliver.

Anyway, today's scan photo is not so clear because mini Beckham decided to put her feet on her head! And both of her arms are on her head as well.. not sure why she likes to curl so much, and also she likes to live on the right side of my body even though there's still a lot of space left on the left side, maybe it's warmer there or maybe the heart beat is too noisy for her?

See you soon, little girl! :)


  1. I can't really tell if that's the feet *hahah*...paisey for my ignorance :P

    Hey, why not get a 3D scan? :D

  2. Yah me too, sometimes I look at the scan pictures upside down and spent quite a long time figuring out what is what... it's hard to see..

    My doctor said 3D scan right now might not give me best picture coz the baby is still skinny and mostly skeleton only, maybe next month? Anyway, 3D scan is optional coz it's not really needed to check the baby's health.