Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ah Girl is 32 weeks old plus a few days

This morning we went to do another pre-natal check. The doctor said "WAHH you gained a lot this month!" oops... I knew it already, I was trying to drink more water since yesterday to reduce my water retention, but seems like it doesn't really help!

Anyway, the baby is about 2 kg right now and since she's so big already, she's kinda squashed inside and quite hard to take a good picture of her since she's folded :D

The doctor said that her position is already head down, ready to be born, but she hasn't really come down yet. She said "kiasu baby" hahahahaa... :D

And just before we left her clinic, she told me "Next time remember to share the cake ok.. If the father is fat, it's ok.." *faint*

Next appointment in 2 weeks time! Getting more and more frequent means it's really near the date to give birth, but I still can't believe that I'm going to be responsible for another person's life...


  1. you know, you can't call her "ah girl" forever .....

  2. How did the doctor know you ate the cake??

  3. next time when she's older (like 30), i'll call her ah woman.. :D

    jess, the doctor asked what i ate so i told her i ate chocolate cake the day before :p