Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thomson Hospital Tour

We finally managed to join Thomson hospital tour after our 4th attempt! Well, the first 2 attempts, we just didn't manage to wake up early and for the 3rd one, we turned up during Deepavali holiday :p

So finally off we went... first stop was observation room, this is the room where they observe your contraction... I thought that this will be a private room where only 1 person is in the room. Turned out there are 3-4 beds inside each room... imagine 3 other people screaming besides you... very relaxing! :(

The next stop is birth room or delivery room, this is the room where you push your baby out. The one that they showed us has a bath tub for pain relief, but there's only one such room in the whole hospital. The rest doesn't come with bath tub. And the only thing I notice about the room is IT LOOKS DEPRESSING! I don't know why I feel that way, maybe because I imagine all the pains that are going to happen in that room or maybe simply just because the room is tiny and dark...

Ok enough of the scary part....

Next few rooms are the wards, this is where you stay for a few days after you give birth to recuperate and also so that the doctor can visit and monitor you. The first that we went is an executive suite. I think the executive suite is kinda small for a suite, maybe that's the lower level of suite because I remember when I visited my friend about half a year ago, her normal single room was much bigger! She said probably that's because her room just got renovated. Lucky girl! :)

The next suite that we went was a premier suite, one class higher than the executive suite.. Quite nice but not as nice as the picture that they put up in the website.

Oh, we also saw 2 nurseries or baby rooms - soooooo many babies in there! And all of them look so tiny and cute. There was one that was really active, already turning his head left and right :)

Anyway, I hope I get a nice room next time... and a less stressful delivery / birth room!