Saturday, October 17, 2009

First ParentCraft Lesson

Today was our first childbirth education course conducted by Thomson's Parent Craft. Today's course was about what to expect when you are expecting, for example what kind of changes will happen to your body (except the expanding belly), and how to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

It's funny that most of participants that I saw today, their tummy size are about my size. So I think by now they should already know what kind of changes happened. In fact, the teacher actually asked us one by one what change we or our husband saw. These are some that I remember other people said:

  1. Grumpy! But this isn't really a change lah... "HAHAHAH"

  2. My wife woke up at night to pass urine AND EAT!

  3. Stretch mark!

  4. Feeling breathless

  5. Dizziness

  6. My wife is more voluptuous and her nose is bigger

  7. Backache

Listening to them make me really grateful as I don't have any of those bad or difficult symptoms. One of the women in the class actually got admitted to hospital a few times because her morning sickness was so bad, she kept on vomiting, and has to be put on drips.

Maybe I'm carrying a very nice & kind little girl inside *cross fingers and toes* :)


  1. a bit late to tell them "what to expect" at 6 months right ... :P

  2. Yeah and I think most people are over 6 months oredi, probably 7 and 8 months. One of the requirement to register is must be at least 20 weeks pregnant, kinda ironic.. but I guess it will become more relevant the following weeks when they talk about labor and childcare.

  3. So what did ATS said about you? :D

  4. He wanted to say "prettier" but scared kena shot down.. LOL.. at the end, he said "more hair". I think it's not more hair, but actually less hair drop, which is good! :D

  5. Wahahaha......ATS NUMBER ONE SIA! I didn't think of that :D