Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Junior's 25th week update

2 nights before we went to Langkawi, the baby didn't move as much as she was moving when she was in US. Perhaps she was excited with all the shoppings that we were doing there, or some other reason... maybe jetlagged? I don't know.. I was soooo worried and I called the doctor the next day to go for check-up, luckily they have free slot!

It turned out that she's fine, maybe tired from all the traveling and flights. Imagine just before born, she already took 15 flights and some of them are long haul. I really should stop traveling...

Anyway, she was really active during the scan, practising her breathing by sucking on the placenta! She looks like she was drinking breast milk without the boobs! haahaha :p

Anyway, 14 more weeks to delivery... cannot wait to meet this little girl! :)

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