Thursday, May 28, 2009

Junior is 10 weeks old!

Junior is 10 weeks+ old this week and he/she is growing healthily. Today we went to take a peek at him/her again and he/she was sleeping.. sooo cute.. we could see that Junior started to form like a human already, the shape of the head, body, arms, and legs can be seen clearly already :)

It still feel so miraculous and I can't wait to meet Junior soon!

Anyway, the next appointment will be for Oscar test, that is the test where they will draw my blood and test it, and also they will do an ultrasound to find out how thick is the neck area of the baby. The purpose of the test is to determine if I have high risk of carrying a baby with Down Syndrome.

I'm not sure if I wanna do the test actually. So what if the test says that I'm at high risk? It's not as if I'm going to abort it.. so maybe shouldn't take the test? But it'll also give a piece of mind that baby is healthy if the test turn out fine. Oh dilemma dilemma... I realized that I pray more now after I became pregnant.. I secretly pray to God every time I see something bad.. "Please God, don't let my baby have this disease.." or when I see something really good.. "Please God, make my baby look as cute as the baby in the poster.."

My mom said I shouldn't waste my time praying to God for a good and kind kid because she's very sure my kid will turn out naughty..... *faint* I think she secretly wants my kids to have her revenge because I gave her so much trouble when I was young.. sorry mum :D

Anyway, I think today is a really good day as I meet Junior again and I'm happy that Junior is growing normally.

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