Friday, May 8, 2009

First Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was our first doctor's appointment after I was tested positive for pregnancy, and we were so excited about it because we want to know the estimated due date, what I should and shouldn't eat, the gender of the baby (haha!), and I think my husband wants to ask if we can still do "it" when I'm pregnant.. :p

Anyway, I opted for abdominal scan but since the pregnancy is still at early stage, I need to come with full bladder. Since our appointment is at 4 PM, the nurse told me to go toilet and empty my bladder at 3 and then drink 3 glasses of water. I'm not sure what she meant by 3 glasses of water lah.. I mean what size glass she wants.. so I just drank a full bottle of water, my bottle is about 1 litre, I guess.. bad mistake! I almost couldn't hold it when we reach the doctor and had to jump the queue so that the doctor can scan my tummy first, so that I can be relieved of my bladder duty.... *phew....*

Anyway, during the scan... it was sooooo miraculous, I could see the womb and the water bag (is it called water bag??) and a dot inside. The doctor told me the dot is the baby, I was actually expecting something that looks more like a lizard. She used the scanner thinge to determine the size of the baby and she said it's about 11 mm. So small and tiny!!

She also made the heartbeat sound louder using the scanner thinge.. I tell you this scanner thinge is damn cool... anyway, the baby's heartbeat is soooo fast! It's faster than my heart beat after a jog! I thought maybe the baby was nervous about the scan.. shy baby.. but the doctor told me that it's normal that at this age, the heartbeat is that fast. It sounded like horse steps!

I can't believe I'm going to be a mom.... my hubby can't believe that I'm going to be a mom as well... he said I can't even take care of myself... he thinks I'll forget to feed the baby and suggested we buy the Japanese dog feeding machine, where it will feed the baby at a certain period... what kind of husband is this?!?!

The doctor also gave us a list of food to avoid like raw stuff, unwashed veggie and fruits, etc. She also helped us to count the estimated due date, which is about Dec 20th and since it's usually earlier, there might be a good chance that the baby will share the same birth date as his/her dad! I'm just glad that I don't have to wait another year to send this baby to school.. hahah I'm turning into kiasu Singapore auntie!

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