Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8th Week Update

So this week I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I've noticed some weird changes with me, some quite gross I tell you... For example, I keep on having gas problem so I burped a lot!! Even in my sleep... ha ha ha.. so we have some kind of crazy choir at night I guess, with me burping and my husband snoring!

Next problem is my bowel is acting weird, it's either constipation or diarrohea! Seems like my stomach just can't make up its mind whether to keep or throw certain stuff.. ugh!

Another very apparent problem is my poor memory. Well, it was already quite poor before but now it became worse! To the extend that I tell my husband the same story twice in the same day! And when he said that I already told him that, I couldn't remember at all. Am I losing my memory soon???

Other changes are I'm always feeling tired, even when I just woke up in the morning! And I developed super-nose, I can smell stuff that I couldn't smell before and I tell you it's not a good thing. When I go to some place, the smell become so unbearable! I thought being superhero was cool, but supernose is definitely not cool and there isn't a real use to it, unless you are a K9? And why on earth they call it "morning sickness" when it happens all the time!!! Moreover, mine usually gets worse about 5-6PM until the time I go to sleep :(

Despite complaining so much about this pregnancy, I'm actually very happy and excited about this. We kept on talking about what names to give the baby, my husband already devised some methods to discipline him/her (kiasu!), and I can't wait for the 12th week to be over! My doctor told me that during the first trimester, the pregnancy is rather fragile and advised us not to tell anyone until the 12th week is over before broadcasting this news to the whole world. Hence, I'm saving lots of blog posts as draft and only posting them later, including this one! :D

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