Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Blue Lines

My period was late for more than 2 weeks and I think something is wrong! I also started to feel nausea sometimes, so we decided to do the test, but we don't have the test kit at home! Soooooo troublesome!! We wanted to buy the test kit since so many days ago and yet we were so busy going out and other stuff. Finally yesterday night after my in-laws went back to Taiwan (yippie!), we bought the test kit.

But... I couldn't bring myself to pee last night! Dunno why... I felt soooo nervous.. At the end I fell asleep while trying to convince myself to pee on the stick!

So this morning, finally when the bladder was full, and not much convincing needed, I took the test and there were 2 blue lines on the stick.. I was just thinking.. crap.. is that supposed to be one line or 2 lines? Mind you, at first there were no line at all, until I re-read the instructions and it says that result will be out in 3-10 minutes! Say so earlier lah! Make people nervous for nothing!!

Anyway, the instruction said 2 blue lines means preggie lah.. so here we are, waiting for our first baby! Gotta make doctor appointment soon :)

This is half of the baby.. actually we went for prenatal check-up a month ago and the doctor said I was ovulating, she told my hubby to work hard that weekend! LOL!

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