Friday, July 10, 2009

Oscar Test Result & 16th week update

We were supposed to know the Oscar test result 4 weeks ago but our doctor had to go on urgent leave, so we just found out yesterday. All the test are fine, baby has very very low chance to have Down Syndrome. I'm not sure if other clinics usually do this, but seems like my gynae is one of the kiasu ones. Since we are cleared / declared safe from the first trimester, we can tell the whole world already! That's why today I published all my previously baby-related saved drafts :D

So after reviewing the test result, we scanned the baby one more time. My heart nearly stopped at first because the baby wasn't moving! I think the doctor got a shock too! She immediately switched on the heartbeat monitor thinge, so that we can hear the baby's heartbeat. Luckily, the heartbeat is still as strong as ever, and the baby was sleeping, curling his stomach and facing downwards :D

The doctor thought we could find out the gender yesterday but with that kind of sleeping position, really hard to tell. She tried to make the baby move, but he/she moved even further in and making it even harder to tell the gender. Then she tried to scan from the side of my tummy, means from the backside of the baby and she said she can't see anything dangling in between (LOL! My gynae has a weird sense of humor..) so most probably Junior is a girl, but she'll do another clearer scan next month. ARRGH quick tell me lah, I wanna go shopping already!

I think the baby felt that we were making too much noise. At one point, he/she actually moved her arms and covered her ears!!

But we wouldn't give up and keep on scanning.. at the end the baby gave us hand signal (how cool is that?) and said OK... I think he/she was trying to say "I'm OK, no need for further scanning.. go home, let me sleep.."


  1. omigod, congrats! didn't know you were trying (were u??)

  2. thanks :)

    yes, this is a planned one :D

  3. cant see clearly leh.. really can see the shape?? I want to go with you next time :D

  4. during the scanning can see the shape one. but dunno why the printout this time round not so clear. usually can see the whole baby shape :)

    u wanna go with me next time for wat... wahhahahahaha... peeping tom!